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Rock IT offers Managed IT Services Melbourne
Cloud Computing Services Melbourne
Managed Data Protection and Disaster Recovery
Managed Networks and SD-WAN


At Rock IT, we’re about more than just technology. We’re about creating reliable, efficient, and secure IT environments that let businesses focus on what they do best.

Our Managed Services take the stress out of handling your IT needs. We oversee your entire IT infrastructure – from servers and networks to applications and endpoints. Our expert team proactively monitors and manages your systems, troubleshooting issues before they become problems. This way, we keep your technology running smoothly and your business operating efficiently.

We understand that your employees are at the heart of your business. That’s why our End User Support is geared towards resolving IT issues quickly and efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruption. From basic troubleshooting to more complex tech challenges, we provide swift, effective solutions that keep your team productive and satisfied.

When it comes to the cloud, we help your business transition and adapt with ease. We manage everything from cloud migrations to daily cloud operations. Our focus is on securing your data and making your cloud resources easy to use and manage. Our Managed Data Protection & DR services offer robust security solutions to safeguard your business data and provide swift recovery options in case of system disruptions or data loss.

Finally, our Managed Networks services offer you a secure, reliable network infrastructure that’s tailored to your business’s needs. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, we design and manage a network solution that provides you with the speed, security, and scalability you need to thrive. We handle everything from routine network maintenance to SD-WAN implementation, ensuring your network is always up and running when you need it. At Rock IT, we’re not just your IT provider – we’re your IT partner.

  • Any number of devices – IT support when you need it
  • Cloud based – get your business optimised in the cloud

  • Account Manager – we build relationships

  • Disaster recovery – get the tools your need to recover quickly
  • Managed IT Services – predictable IT service delivery

  • Access from anywhere – Modern Workplace

Trusted by companies of all sizes

Rock IT is a MSP501 top ranked MSP


since 2003.

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