Technology fails. That is an unfortunate truth about the gadgets and devices that run our businesses and our lives.

What do you do if your tech fails you whilst you’re away from the office and home?

There’s always the risk of damage and theft when you’re away – and whilst replacing the tech is inevitably expensive, it’s the data on these devices that poses the greatest challenge when it comes to replacement.

Company data. Contacts. Emails. Even losing phone settings can be a major drain if you have to start again from scratch.

Here’s some tips to get you started:

1. Use a password manager – such as Lastpass, but there’s many others
A password manager remembers all of the websites you visit and the username and password combinations you use for them. So the only password you need to ever remember is that of your password manager. We’ll let you assess the risk of this, but it can be argued that an encrypted password manager is safer than you using the same password on every site that you visit.

2. Use multi-factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication means that if someone steals your devices and/or knows your password, they will also need to know a second code to access your data
If you have a google account, follow the guide here:

3. Backup
If you work offline or offsite a bit, consider using Dropbox, Google Drive or whatever your business supports. As soon as you’re online these products will sync to the Cloud and back everything up.

Nothing is fool proof but it’s better to have a plan. Contact us to find out more.