100% security is now almost accepted in the online community. If you want to communicate with the outside world then you have to allow traffic in and out of your network.

Here’s the key summaries from one of our security vendors, Webroot, for the first half of 2018:

» Ransomware attacks moved beyond brute force spam and phishing attacks, taking advantage of RDP vulnerabilities to conduct reconnaissance and find the most valuable targets.

» A massive move to cryptomining and cryptojacking to line the pockets of criminals at the expense of end users and organizations.

» Phishing continues to accelerate, shifting its primary target to Dropbox.

» Businesses are beginning to realize the necessity of security awareness training programs to educate end users on how to spot and avoid phishing emails and other risks.

You can download the entire report here: 19Q1 Threat Report Mid-Year Update Sept A4