Yep. You absolutely should. And stuff chewing gum into your laptop microphone.

There are cameras and lenses everywhere. On the side of buildings, in your phone and in your laptop. Do we even notice them anymore given they’re so prevalent?

And the reality is, someone could be watching you at any moment – even when you least expect it.

An average American citizen can be caught on camera more than 75 times a day.” -Eyes On You, CrimeFeed

As technology progresses, cameras seem to be popping up everywhere. From a robotic vacuum that will map your house to cameras in teddy bears and so-called “Smart TV’s”, almost everywhere you turn in your house you can be captured on camera. How can you be sure you’re not being watched?

A hacker in the US was sentenced to 6 years jail after being found to have accessed over 100 webcams.

How easy is it to hack a webcam?

Really easy. In fact it’s just one line of code to get a webcam to take a picture.

Just because the light isn’t on, doesn’t mean the camera isn’t working. Hackers have known for years how to turn on a laptop’s camera without alerting the owner. ” -Bruce Snell, IoT and Privacy: Keeping Secrets
from your Webcam

The best way to protect yourself is to simply cover your webcam.


How can you be sure you’re not giving someone a direct look at your personal life? Follow these tips to make sure you remain “unhackable” in the world of webcams:

  1. Stay Unseen – Cover your webcam with a sticker, piece of tape or a Rock IT Webcam cover (Contact us to get one!).
  2. Be Cautious – Stop clicking on stuff
  3. Keep Your System Current – Update when new versions of the operating system or new versions of an applications become available. Updates often include critical security fixes designed to patch and protect from attacks.

Or if you just don’t know what to do, give us a call.