Disney+ is the newest entry into the online streaming market, offering a wide range of old and new Disney content.

Day 1 didn’t go so well with the service unable to keep up with the high demand.

Week 1 got even worse when it was found that thousands of user accounts had been breached and put up for sale on the dark web.

Here’s a picture of what these ads look like:

And here’s a look at what the inside of the hacked database looks like:

You can probably start to guess why using the same username and password across multiple services is a really, really bad idea.

Still lost?

Think of your username and password as a combination lock. One part of the combination is public (your email address) and one part is private (your password).

We’ve been told for years now to create strong passwords, but how strong is your password if someone else knows it?

So if you signed up for Disney+ and your username and password is known to “bad guys”, and they know that most people re-use their password across multiple services: what do you think the bad guys are doing right now?? Yep – they use that combination to try and log into every system imaginable.

What do you do if your password has been breached?

  1. Change your password to something unique in the affected system
  2. If you’ve re-used that password, change it across EVERY system you’ve ever used that password for. Even if you no longer use an old system.
  3. Learn how to use a Password Manager now… right now

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