Say YES to updates

One of the best ways to ensure you’re more cybersecure this year is to promptly install any new updates. So next time your app offers an update, don’t click “no”, “cancel” or “remind me later” click “YES”, then and there.

Say “NO” to weak and reused passwords

Strong passwords help to keep your data safe. In other words, stay away from weak passwords like “password” and “123456” and never reuse your password. In 2020 we were still using those simple to guess passwords.

And if someone asks you for your password say “NO” or if someone wants to share their password, say “NO”.

In addition, never leave your password written down near your device. For example, a post- it note left on your laptop with your usernames and passwords.

Say “woah” to unexpected messages

Scams can come via email, phone, text and social media but they always want you to take urgent action. So slow down, “woah” and take your time. Don’t be in a rush in 2022, when it comes to unexpected messages. If you’re a small business, these cybersecurity tips are for Understanding the basics

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