Microsoft is the modern-day office that’s available all at your fingertips, with a click of a button. It combines the most up to date business application like Office 365, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint and more with Windows 10. In addition, it has superior security including EM+S (formerly known as Enterprise Mobility Suite). In other words, it gives you integrated access to Outlook, Word, Excel, OneDrive, SharePoint, and Microsoft Teams and more which are all the tools you need to get on with business.

Microsoft 365 License types

Across the Microsoft suite there are several different licence types to suit your business needs. For instance, Basic, Standard and Business Premium for up to 300 business users. As well as Microsoft 365 Enterprise that is perfect for the larger organization.

Microsoft 365 Business and Premium Licensing

Microsoft Office 365 has many included benefits within the licence itself. For example, Business Standard and Business Premium options come with familiar apps such as Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Publisher, Access and the inclusive services like Exchange, OneDrive, Sharepoint and Teams. The Premium option also includes Intune and Azure Information Protect. But the basic licence only includes the web versions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.  

The Enterprise licences are E3 and E5 plans that include security add-ons such as Microsoft 365 E5 Security and Microsoft 365 E5 Compliance.

Microsoft Teams transforms remote working

Microsoft Teams has revolutionized the way the office communicates, perfect those with remote working set up. Instant messaging minimizes lengthy in office emails and has meant virtual meeting can be on the go anytime and anywhere. Teams is fully integrated with all Microsoft office apps and many other 3rd party apps. Most importantly, the integrated set up is the key differentiator between Microsoft and its nearest competitor. Microsoft is leagues ahead of its closest competitor Zoom.

What do Microsoft 365 licenses include?

To store your files, photos, documents and presentations, in one place is the Cloud storage solution OneDrive. Certainly, OneDrive is the leading cloud storage solution. Best if all it comes with your Microsoft 365 license for you to store everything on the Cloud and access your files from just about anywhere.

Microsoft 365 hosts a wealth of user benefits

Staff always have access to the latest pool of business software and across all their devices. This is especially useful since the launch of the new Windows 10 Virtual Desktop. Working from home has never been easier with the new Office Mobile app that enables users to securely access files, communicate and collaborate from anywhere and on any device. It’s never been easier.

Microsoft 365 integrations

Reduce paperwork with Microsoft forms, Teams and SharePoint. While everyday repetitive tasks can be automated with Power Automate . Each app capable of integrating with Microsoft 365 to reduce doubling up on paperwork, and time, benefiting business in the long and short term.

Added Security and Management benefits

The Security Centre of Microsoft 365 means that security can be monitored and managed via the cloud location. It gives businesses the peace of mind that employees are empowered to working efficiently and that you have the latest software available for them to use. But still have the comfort knowing that business data is safe and secure, all protected.

Enhanced security within Microsoft 365

Firstly, the Microsoft 365 security features are instrumental for achieving ISO 27001 and GDPR Compliance for some organisations. Secondly, offering smart insights in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and more are the new AI capabilities which help employees work more proficiently. Lastly, the management by the cloud make it all so easy.

The added security benefits of Microsoft 365

Advanced Security Capability

Every 39 seconds around the world, hackers are attacking. So, it is vital your business data is protected. To tackle this issue and ensure your business is secure and uncompromised, Microsoft 365 has some of the niftiest and latest security capabilities for your peace of mind.  

Microsoft keep you up to date with the latest versions for 365, for both Windows 10 and the Office 365 applications. In other words, you have access to any new feature releases and security updates are continually sent.

Advanced Threat Protection ATP

ATP or Microsoft Defender as it is now known provides exhaustive endpoint protection. Defender is there to help prevent cyber-attacks and data breaches. And particularly helpful with mobile devices that are more vulnerable to attacks. Specially designed to work with mobile devices, Microsoft defender keeps communications safe, by targeting phishing attacks, zero-day threats, ransomware and other malware within emails attachments and links.  Alerting you to threats is the Microsoft Cloud App Security that detects abnormal usage and incidents with the Cloud apps. Lastly, to protect identities and reduce attack surface, is Azure ATP. It utilises on site active directory.

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