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Get affordable and flexible IT support for not for profits

At just about any time really, computer, network and software issues can happen. For the small to medium not-for-profit organisations, our flexible IT support ensures you can get the help you need at an affordable price.

IT support for not-for-profits includes:

Computer support

Not-for-profits need reliable IT support with their ever- increasing reliance on technology, in- order to provide services to the community. Firstly, our staff on our IT helpdesk are there to resolve any issues quickly and without any disruption to the day-to-day running of the organisation.

Secondly, our service includes both proactive and reactive solutions to your IT support which can be provided remotely or onsite. We help our existing clients with these frequent IT issues, network, troubleshooting email, hardware, printing and software issues.

Server infrastructure

With the popularity of cloud solutions and many organisations deciding to move their server to the cloud, there is still a need to have local infrastructure. So, to ensure that your organisation’s infrastructure needs are met, we’ll work together with you to find the right balance.

As your managed IT service provider part of our responsibility is to manage, maintain and support your servers, network and equipment. In addition, to reducing your IT risks via monitoring, backups, anti-virus and maintenance.

Asset management

In-order to service the community, most not-for-profits rely heavily on laptops, desktops and tablets. So, when it comes to choosing the software and devices for staff usage, it can be confusing without the proper advice. As your partner, we’ll help your staff get the right equipment for the job. And part of our service includes advice, maintenance, management and support for all your devices.  We ensure your devices continue to operate effectively so you can concentrate on serving the community.

Upgrades and improvements

As your managed IT service provider, we work with you to:

  • Set up your network and file sharing capabilities
  • Ensure your equipment is able to your organisation’s needs, being up to date and operating effectively

Cyber Security

The new way of thinking about Cyber Security is People -> Processes -> Technologies, not the other way around. With over 90% of all breaches originating from human error (think phishing emails) it’s important that you build a secure culture within your organisation. That means training your staff with Cyber Security Awareness sessions, implementing appropriate policies and finally utilising advanced cyber security technologies.

  • Computer support – reliable IT helpdesk to resolve problems quickly

  • Server Infrastructure​ – Cloud or on premise

  • Asset Management – advice, maintenance, management & support for all your devices

  • Upgrades and Improvements – keep up with the latest technology to operate efficiently

  • Cyber Security – training for your people plus advanced technologies for peace of mind

Looking for technology advice in addition to IT support?

Not-for-profits can really benefit from the technical expertise of our consultant who recommend the right systems to make the most of their data and information.

Importantly, we advise about both cloud and physical server solutions as a part of our consultation. And offer platforms such as Office 365 which we implement and provide ongoing support for that are great value for not-for-profits. Therefore, reducing both the costs and improving the efficiency.


Rock IT is your trusted partner for Managed IT Infrastructure and End-User Support Services. Rock IT is more than just an IT Support company though – we offer the flexibility of on-site and remote support, plus Cyber security expertise included in our offering.

Whatever you need, our dedicated team becomes a true extension of your business.

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