Managed IT Support Plans are what we do best


By outsourcing your IT support, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated IT support team at a significantly reduced cost.

IT Support Plans are tailored for businesses. IT Managers want more budget to deliver on projects, not the overhead of a full time IT team. Therefore they can choose an IT Support plan to suit their needs. You’ll become more efficient and reduce your costs.

Put simply: most SMBs will never employ a team of IT professionals to deliver IT services.

Secure Essentials

Our entry-level IT Support plan for the self-sufficient business that needs occasional support with the base level of security

Aimed at the next generation of businesses coming through who are “born on cloud”. Businesses like this consume almost everything from the Cloud and don’t want the overhead of a set monthly IT support plan.

This plan offers peace of mind of having knowing that your support call will be answered by a high quality IT Support company. In addition, with a low monthly fee – without features you might not use – you get the best of both worlds.

Secure Essentials Plans start from just $29.50 per computer, per month which enables your business to call our service desk. You can then add-on what you like, from email & security services through to support bundles – all under your control.

You get a month-by-month contract and access to all of our expertise, but you forego some of the trimmings of our Managed Services plan.

Best suited to businesses that are new to the Managed Services model and start ups.

Get control back of your business with Rock IT's Managed IT Support Plans
  • Best for businesses requiring occasional support

  • Low monthly fee with all services provided as add-ons when required

Our Secure Managed IT Support Plans include everything
  • Best for businesses looking to fully outsource their IT support function

  • Monthly fee includes complete support for users and server environment

Secure Managed

Our ultimate IT support plan for the business that wants a close relationship and strategic guidance

Our Secure IT support plan is backed by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) and is designed for businesses with complex requirements – be it technical or strategic.

You will get a SLA which includes service delivery targets, a dedicated Account Manager and proactive management services.

Advantages of using our IT Support Plans

From the semi-self-sufficient business that needs occasional support to the business that wants to outsource it all.

The key advantage of using a Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a IT Support Plans is about scale. MSP’s work across many industries and therefore are experienced with a broad range of technologies. MSP’s stay up-to-date with the latest technologies because they love doing it. They also have access to a broad range of skills and can provide reliable IT support services and plans.

An internal IT team will not have the scale or experience that an MSP has.

MSP’s also have significant buying power due to their scale. This results in more cost efficient purchases for hardware and services than the client could achieve by themselves.

This cost efficiency is the greatest impact when it comes to actual service delivery. With the cost of a Service Level Agreement often coming in a fraction of the cost of a single internal IT employee, it’s easy to make the decision.

With most services being delivered remotely, staff only need to call or email to get help.

Benefits of the Best IT Support Plans Melbourne

A company can enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated IT Support department at a reduced cost simply by outsourcing.  Subscribing to an IT Support Plan is the best way to engage with a Managed IT services.

Put simply: most SMBs will never employ a team of IT professionals to deliver IT services. In addition, MSPs bring with them a wealth of experience from actively managing the same IT services to multiple clients. This is the type of experience than an in-house team does not have.

What is included with MSP IT Support Plan Contracts?

MSP contracts work on a monthly basis and typically they are a set monthly fee. This enables companies to forecast their IT spend. Which is of great benefit to forward-thinking and budget conscious organisations that like to understand the total financial impact of their critical IT systems. It also allows these organisations to focus on their core business without having to worry about technology. It’s not just small companies either. Big companies like Australian Foundation Investment Company utilise IT Support Plans.

Security is another major benefit of IT Support Providers. Cyber security is a complex undertaking that involves not only technology, but also people, policies and processes. Many industries have a number of regulatory compliance obligations that requires expertise.

This is the experience that a Managed Service Provider offers.

MSPs assist to mitigate risks whilst also offering assurance that the experts in charge of IT operations are current with the latest technologies. MSPs can also validate and possibly help create the processes to keep your IT infrastructure working efficiently.


Rock IT is your trusted partner for Managed IT Infrastructure and End-User Support Services. Rock IT is more than just an IT Support company though – we offer the flexibility of on-site and remote support, plus Cyber security expertise included in our offering.

Whatever you need, our dedicated team becomes a true extension of your business.

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